Dental Implants Tarzana, CA

Dental ImplantsBecause of their design and durability, dental implants have transformed the way dentists today approach tooth loss. Now, in addition to shorter-term solutions like bridges or removable dentures, we offer dental implants that can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are unique because they mimic the form and function of a real tooth. A titanium implant post is placed surgically in your jawbone and acts as an artificial tooth root. After the implant heals, Dr. Nargiz I. Zadeh restores it with a dental crown so you can chew comfortably again and smile with confidence.

Dr. Zadeh is an experienced Tarzana dentist who restores dental implants with aesthetic, lifelike dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. No one will ever know you have an implant, and even you may forget that it’s not a “real” tooth.

Are Dental Implants Like Real Teeth?

In every way, dental implants are as strong and secure as real teeth, if not more so. During a healing period that takes about 3-6 months, the artificial tooth root heals and becomes part of the bone and tissue around it. 

This is called osseointegration, and once it's complete, the implant root functions in the same way the lost tooth root did. No other tooth replacement works this way or offers the same stability and longevity—a benefit that our Tarzana patients appreciate.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Tooth roots exist to hold teeth in place, but they also play a part in keeping the bone in your jaw strong and healthy. Jawbone loss commonly occurs after tooth loss, and estimates indicate that as much as 25 percent of bone is lost in the first year alone. 

An implant root prevents this from occurring by continuing the action that stimulates healthy jawbone regeneration. This is critical because bone loss in one part of your jaw threatens the stability of other teeth and may even lead to additional tooth loss. Bone loss also eliminates support for your facial features, giving your face a hollow, sunken, or aged appearance.

What’s Involved with Getting Implants?

Dental ImplantsDr. Zadeh works closely with top oral surgeons in the Tarzana area who specialize in implant surgery. Using leading-edge 3-D cone beam imaging, the implant specialist evaluates bone in your jaw to ensure that it can support the implant post. Many people are good candidates, but bone grafting may also be an option if there isn't enough dense bone to place an implant now.

While dental implant placement requires precision and skill, it is much more comfortable than most people imagine. There are no nerve endings in the bone, and your mouth will be numb so the most you will feel is some pressure.

After the implant heals, Dr. Zadeh will customize an aesthetic restoration that completes your smile. For single tooth replacement, she would restore the implant with a porcelain dental crown; if multiple teeth are involved, she would recommend a dental bridge or full or partial denture. 

Dentures and implants were made for each other, and pairing them results in a secure, comfortable fit and dentures that stay in place no matter how hard you laugh or sneeze.

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Dental implants are superior to any other tooth replacement available today. If you have one or more missing teeth and would like to discuss solutions, please call us to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Tarzana.


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This was the second time I visited Dr Zadeh office.
She is very attentive and explains the work needs to be done. The staff is very nice and the office is spotless.