Full & Partial Dentures Tarzana, CA

At Dr. Nargiz I. Zadeh's dental office in Tarzana, CA, our goal is to help you keep your teeth healthy and intact for as long as possible and provide personalized solutions if you suffer tooth loss. We are pleased to offer our patients several tooth replacement options, including dental implants, Crowns & Bridges, and full and partial dentures.

If you think of dentures and immediately envision fake-looking artificial teeth, you will love how they have transformed over the years. Today we have access to materials, techniques, and technology that dentists didn’t decades ago. For this reason, Dr. Zadeh can design custom full and partial dentures that enhance your smile, not diminish it.

What Natural-Looking Dentures Can Do for You

Dentures TarzanaNow that you know you don’t have to worry about the look of new dentures, let’s focus on all the ways that replacing missing teeth can benefit you and your quality of life.

  • Restore your ability to chew all your favorite foods
  • Improve your ability to speak and express yourself clearly
  • Enhance your confidence by giving you a beautiful, natural-looking smile
  • Fill out your facial features to eliminate a sunken or aged appearance

When you think about how these benefits touch every area of your life, you can see how life-transforming a set of beautiful, comfortable dentures can be.

Full and Partial Dentures in Tarzana, CA

We offer two types of dentures that our Tarzana dentist will customize for your needs. If you need replacement of an upper or lower arch of teeth (or both), full dentures are the right choice for you. If you still have remaining teeth or are only missing one or two, we design partial dentures to close the gaps and restore your smile.

As a dentist with an eye for artistry, Dr. Zadeh takes great care when designing your new dentures. She considers all aspects of your facial appearance, your jaw's contours, and aesthetics like your skin, hair, and eye color. No two dentures she creates are the same, making them as unique as your own beautiful smile.

All dentures can be designed to be removable or secured in place with dental implants.

Implant-Retained Dentures for Confidence and Stability

Dentures TarzanaThe ultimate tooth replacement is dental implants and pairing them with dentures results in the most comfortable, secure fit possible. By placing several implants along your jawline and designing your dentures to snap onto them, we create full dentures that stay securely in place.

You can put to rest all your worries about dentures that slip, shift, or fall out and cause awkward moments because yours will stay put and can only be removed by your dentist.

Can Full, Partial, or Implant Dentures Benefit You?

It is always best for your oral health, comfort, and confidence to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. With options like full and partial removable and implant dentures, Dr. Zadeh can help you move past tooth loss and get back to living a full and rewarding life.

If you live in Tarzana, Encino, Woodland Hills, Northridge, Santa Clarita, San Diego, or surrounding communities, we would love to talk to you about dentures. Please contact us to schedule an appointment so we can get started.

A Testimonial From Carol, Dr. Nargiz I. Zadeh's Patient in Tarzana, CA

Hated to lose Dr. Sera, but Dr. Zadeh has made it an easy transition.  It's the same great experience.  I am always seen at the time of my appointment and am always given feedback as to any findings that I need to be aware of so that I can care for my teeth appropriately.  Highly recommend.