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4 Things You Can Expect During Your Appointment with a Dentist in Reseda

December 20, 2021
Posted By: Nargiz I. Zadeh, DMD

If you’re in search of a dentist in the Reseda area, you can start by visiting Dr. Nargiz Zadeh and her wonderful dental team. Upon your first visit, you will be greeted with friendly and knowledgeable team members that will make your experience nothing but enjoyable. We have outlined the four major parts of the visit below to give you some insight on what the first appointment with your dentist in Reseda will entail. Each section gives you a brief overview of the different parts of the dental comprehensive examination appointment, as it is done at our office. By presenting this in an organized fashion, we hope to alleviate any dental anxiety you might have about your first visit, especially if it’s been a while.


  1. X-Rays
    In order to do a complete exam, a full set of 18 x-rays are first needed. These images give a 2-dimensial view of the teeth and underlying jawbone so the dentist can diagnose any cavities between the teeth, jawbone abnormalities, and/or problems with the teeth roots. These are all things that you can’t normally see with the naked eye, which is why it’s important to have these images for reference during the clinical exam. The entire process of taking the x-rays should only take 10-15 minutes, and the dental assistants take great care to make the process easy for our patients.


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  1. Clinical Exam
    Once the x-rays are taken, the actual exam can take place. During this clinical portion, our dentist in Reseda will perform a detailed exam of the head and neck region, in addition to the mouth, to check for any abnormalities, pre-existing conditions, and future risk factors. First, the head and neck, gum tissues, cheek tissues, and tongue are checked for any indicators of oral cancer or other pathologies. The TMJ joint is also checked alongside the muscles in the face for any significant irregularities that would warrant specialized TMJ treatment. Then, the gum pockets are carefully measured to determine the appropriate type of cleaning and hygiene maintenance program needed; healthier gums requiring less frequent hygiene visits than those with gingivitis. Lastly, the dentist does a visual and tactile inspection while reading the x-rays to check the teeth for cavities, cracks, wear, and poor restorations. With each step of the exam, your Reseda dentist will take special attention to educate you so you can make informed decisions about your treatment. 


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  1. Cleanings That Involve Fluoride
    If a deeper cleaning isn’t needed, such as for patients with gum disease, then the clinical examination is followed by a dental cleaning. During the cleaning, an instrument that vibrates with ultrasonic frequency and sprays water is used to remove all the tartar and stain on the teeth. The teeth are then polished with a coarse paste to give them a smooth finish, and lastly, a fluoride gel is applied that needs to be left on the teeth for a designated period. With every 6-month hygiene visit to the dentist in Reseda, we recommend this fluoride treatment after cleaning the teeth because it helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.


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  1. Treatment Plan Presentation
    Ultimately, your dentist in Reseda has a professional duty to educate you on your oral health and provide the appropriate dental treatment that you both agree on. A treatment plan is presented after all the findings from the exam are documented. By educating you on the findings and the treatment options, Dr. Zadeh will help you decide on a plan that fits your specific medical, dental, social, and financial situation. Your dentist in Reseda will also provide you with recommendations on how to improve your oral care routine at home to prevent further dental problems from developing.  


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We want to ensure that you have access to high-quality oral healthcare. Dr. Zadeh takes pride in her ability to thoroughly identify and correctly diagnose any dental problems you may have. She also enjoys spending time educating her patients on the clinical findings in order to promote preventive philosophy that will reduce risk factors that lead to future dental problems.

Has it been a while since you last visited the dentist in Reseda? Take this opportunity to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nargiz Zadeh. When you arrive, we will walk you through the process before we begin your examination to alleviate any anxieties. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our representatives before you come in.


Testimonial from Cassandra, Satisfied Patient 
The entire staff at Dr. Zadeh’s office is truly wonderful!! Debbie has been working there for so long and is as helpful, kind, and pleasant as ever. My hygienist was super gentle and accommodating. Dr. Zadeh is personable and offers great suggestions. If going to the dentist is frightening for you, this is the place to overcome your fears. I would absolutely recommend this office to everyone!