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7 Reasons Why Routine Appointments with Your Dentist are Critical

November 5, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Nargiz I. Zadeh, DMD

When it comes to essential dental care, routine exams play a huge role in helping detect any problems and preventing them from getting worse. Likewise, if you are already experiencing discomfort in your mouth, regardless of whether it’s occasional or not, scheduling an appointment should be your top priority. If you have any reservations or fears about visiting a  dentist in Tarzana, it’s ultimately better to get into the habit of scheduling an appointment sooner than later. Sticking to a regular dental maintenance schedule will save you lots of stress, pain, and money in the long run.


Here are the seven reasons why you should make regular dental appointments.


Reason #1: Preventative Care
The first and most important reason, is to prevent problems from developing and exacerbating over time. An experienced dentist can detect not only minor issues but potential risk factors that can eventually lead to future problems. For example, teeth can develop fracture lines as a result of constant biting stress, but it’s important for the dentist to identify which fractures may require treatment sooner than later. Waiting to treat teeth that are fractured can lead to root canal treatment or extraction when early treatment would’ve prevented this.


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Reason #2: Reducing Tooth Decay
When you go for routine visits you will often have checkup x-rays taken. Without these images, cavities in between the teeth can go undetected; clinical problems that a small filling would’ve treated will end up needing a crown and root canal. This is obviously something you want to avoid if you want to preserve the strength of your teeth and reduce the amount of time and money spent at the dentist.


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Reason #3: Oral Hygiene Instruction
During your hygiene visit, you will learn about proper at-home oral care. Patients often don’t notice the areas of their mouth that aren’t being effectively cleaned. In fact, many patients come in thinking that their at-home care is adequate when it’s not. Your dentist and hygienist will always talk to you about proper oral hygiene habits when it comes to ensuring that your teeth and gums remain clean and healthy. They can make recommendations for new oral hygiene products you can try while also evaluating your current technique to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.


Reason #4: Improving Your Overall Health
Many people don’t realize that the overall health of your body is related to what’s going on in the mouth. For example, toothaches can result in headaches and difficulty sleeping, which is physically taxing and affects your immune system. Additionally, a lot of research has shown that the bacteria found in gum disease is associated with many health conditions including heart disease, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Routine cleanings can help prevent severe toothaches and the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, which will limit its spread throughout the body.


Reason #5: Freshening Bad Breath
Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is typically the result of bad oral hygiene. Food particles, that aren’t easily accessible with a toothbrush or floss, can accumulate in the mouth and result in bacterial overgrowth that produces an odor. Without a proper dental cleaning, the bacteria end up burrowing deeper under the gums and the surface of the tongue making them even harder to clean. Routine cleanings can prevent bacterial overgrowth and the bad breath that goes along with it, helping your mouth stay fresh and healthy.


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Reason #6: Avoiding Disruptions in Your Schedule
Dental problems are never fun to have; aside from possibly causing pain or discomfort, they can also be a considerable disruption to your schedule. Having to miss work or school for multiple dental appointments is always an inconvenience. Practicing preventive care can ensure that you won’t end up needing extensive dental treatment and multiple lengthy dental visits.



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Reason #7: Restore Your Winning Smile
Do you find that you hold back when you want to smile because of the appearance of your teeth? The reality is that if you are self-conscious about your teeth, you will be more reluctant to smile. Visiting your dentist will give you the option to discuss any concerns you have with your smile. Additionally, routine cleanings will reduce the amount of visible stain and tartar on your teeth, giving your smile a more attractive appearance.


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