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What is a dental crown?

Our Tarzana dentist commonly recommends dental crowns to support, protect, and strengthen teeth that are broken, cracked, or have extensive decay. Sometimes referred to as “caps,” crowns are tooth-shaped shells of ceramic that cover and protect an entire tooth.

The general rule is that a dental crown is indicated if the damage affects more than 50 percent of the tooth structure. If you have a root canal on a tooth that absorbs a lot of chewing force, Dr. Zadeh would also recommend a crown to strengthen and protect it.

We also use crowns to support a dental bridge and to restore appearance and function to a dental implant.

The Process for Getting a Dental Crown

The process for getting a crown requires two appointments spaced about 2-3 weeks apart. During the first, Dr. Zadeh prepares the damaged tooth by altering its shape. Removing some tooth enamel allows for the bulk of the crown so that it sits flush against your gum line.

Next, we take impressions to create a mold of your teeth and choose the perfect shade of white to match your smile. We then send your case to a custom dental lab, where trained technicians meticulously fabricate your crown.

When your final crown comes back from the lab, we will ask you to return to our Tarzana dental office so Dr. Zadeh can adjust it for your dental bite, polish it, and cement it securely in place.

Do You Need a Dental Crown in Tarzana?

If you have a broken, cracked, or severely decayed tooth and think you need a dental crown, please call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zadeh.