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4 Reasons to See Your Dentist Before the Holidays for Preventative Dental Care

December 13, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Nargiz I. Zadeh, DMD

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time for your routine check-up before your insurance benefits run out! While we know it’s the busiest time of the year, we also want to remind you to use your benefits and maintain the health of your smile before going out of town and indulging in holiday treats.


Here are the top reasons to visit to see a dentist in Woodland Hills in December to get that last check-up in before 2022.


Bright Smiles and Fresh Breath
If you’re like every other person, you are probably gearing up to attend personal or professional holiday parties. At your hygiene appointment, we will remove any tartar or plaque buildup that accumulated since your last visit so you can smile with confidence. This means that you will have cleaner, whiter teeth for the holidays, and you may even have time to get them whitened while you’re there!


Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits
Many insurance companies cover at least two dental cleanings annually. If you end up waiting for the new year, you will miss out on your benefit coverage for the year. Benefits reset on Jan 1, so if you have any additional dental treatment that needs to be done, you should schedule it this year if you haven’t used up your yearly maximum. Talk with our insurance coordinator, Debbie, and find out what benefits you have remaining.


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Avoid Emergencies
With the holiday time, comes the busy time. People are traveling out of town and the last thing they want to worry about is a dental emergency while on the road. By visiting your dentist before you leave, you run a smaller risk of anything happening while you are out of town. Any dental issue can be identified and treated before becoming a bigger problem altogether. This will save you time and the agony of something painful happening.


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Early New Year’s Resolution
By visiting your dentist in December, you will be ready to jump-start achieving your oral health goals for the new year. The best way to do that is to stay on top of your flossing and brushing. Make sure to floss at least 3-4 times a week, and brush twice every day. Reward yourself with a new toothbrush to kickstart your goals along with your final check-up of the year. Remember that nothing is more attractive than to look in the mirror and see that beautiful and healthy smile starting back at you! 


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Before the holiday season gets away from us, make sure you contact Dr. Zadeh today! Schedule that second check-up, cleaning, whitening or any other service that you need. Now is the time to get it done before the new year and your teeth will thank you!


Testimonial from Ann, Satisfied Patient
Very professional, kind, and a warm greeting. Dr. Zadeh throughout was thoughtful and her expertise was evident. Everything was fully explained during our visits.